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Swytchback™ is a unique survey solution that boasts completion rates that regularly exceed 90% & provides immediate access to high-quality, highly actionable insights data. Our patent-pending platform leverages a mobile optimized, visually focused & gesture driven format to allow you to engage and delight even the hardest to reach audiences.

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Our Solution.

Our solution empowers you to learn from, interact with and connect directly with customer audiences to derive quick insights for agile decisions.

Mobile First

Reach anyone wherever they are … even Millennials!

Visually Focused

Capture their attention through visuals versus text.

Gesture Driven

Engage with interactive, gamified design.

Actionable Data

Visualize trends and opportunities with feedback dashboard.

Mobile First Survey Experience

Optimized for mobile environments and omni-platform flexibility, Swytchback surveys are presented in a beautiful app-like experience that respondents love.

Why Swytchback

Swytchback’s mobile-first, gesture-based interface engages audiences in an environment they know and trust, across all digital channels. With this solution, you get sky-high completion rates, consumers who don’t engage with traditional toolsets and quality insights … allowing you to make better decisions.

Reach the Unreachable

Reach anyone, virtually anywhere - on their phone.

Superior Engagement

Delivered at the right time, in the right format and in the right context generate to superior completion rates.

Quick and Easy

Develop and distribute high-quality surveys in 48hrs.

Lighting Fast Results

Results roll-up in real time by region, touchpoint, time, store, segment and more.

Supports Multiple Uses

In-market research, benchmarking, customer experience, NPS, innovation and concept testing tools, and much more

Flexible Service Model

Leverage our team of experts with our managed service option or take control with self-serve.

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Used by leading brand marketers and insights teams.

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