Our Solution

Our solution empowers you to learn from, interact with and connect directly with customer audiences to derive quick insights for agile decisions.

A better way to make data driven smart decisions, fast.

Leading brand marketers and researchers use Swytchback for in-market research, benchmarking, customer experience, NPS, innovation, concept testing and more.

Mobile First

We are a mobile world! With over 3 Billion smart phones globally (260 Million in the US alone) and an average screen time of up to 5 hours per day – mobile is a must for marketers and researchers to capture consumer attention and gather insights. Swytchback was designed from the ground up as a mobile insights platform.

While Swytchback works on any device we’re optimized to work on mobile, not hacked to make online surveys mobile presentable. That means we are capturing consumers in their true moments, making insights more accurate and effective.

Visual Focus

We are a visual world. Consumers make product and service decisions based on visual images.  Over 80% of the sale of any good is based on the image of the item vs the review or description. People are visual so effective research must also be – your business decisions depend on it.

Swytchback’s patent-pending platform is based on an image-driven process. Swytchback allows you to completely deconstruct concept, marketing and promotional imagery to determine your customers reactions, giving you deeper insights into their cognitive decision processing. Whether for concept libraries, design, packaging, product placement or any other options set, Swytchback gives you in-depth insights.

Gesture Driven

Online surveys lack pizazz and numb consumers to traditional insights gathering methods. Radio buttons, bubble answers, and traditional text response formats wear down consumers and lead to high abandonment rates.

Swytchback uses a library of intuitive, gesture-based response approaches making it easy and fun for consumers to provide you feedback.  Our gamified approach gets sky-high completion rates, and consumers provide feedback that they “like” taking our Swydget surveys.  And that means that they will take them again and again, not numbing to traditional survey fatigue.  Who said providing insights can’t be fun?

Actionable Data

Visualize trends and opportunities with feedback dashboard.

Quick and Easy

Survey development and distribution in 48 hours.

Omni Channel Delivery

Deliver to consumers at the right time, in any channel.

Real-time Insights

Data feeds into your dashboard with every engagement – by region, touchpoint, time, store, segment and more.