Our Team

Creating the Swytchback platform took deep design and technical expertise, as well as a keen eye to marketers and researchers insight needs in a rapidly evolving technology landscape. Our team has years of experience serving the business, creative, SAAS and entertainment worlds ranging from early-stage start-ups all the way to the world’s largest consumer enterprises.  Swytchback was started in collaboration with Stanford Design School and maintains deep connections with leading academic and professional researchers and statisticians.

Swytchback Team

Bruce Bower


Cole Patterson


Blaine Nye


Leela Suppiah


Teri Llach


Curtis Barthold


Michael McPherron

Customer Success

Aaron Ehlers


Our Advisors

Gary Briggs

Facebook, Google, eBay

Jonathan Edelman

Stanford Design School, Max Planck Institute

Alexander Petrov

Yes Health, PayPal, Safeway, Nestle

Scott Wagner

CEO & Board member, Investor & Advisor

Steve Seabolt

Strategic Advisor

Jonathan Speed

Venture Partner at Waterman Ventures

Jason Steeg

Evaluative Criteria Inc

Darcy Travlos

Stash, Soundview, Forbes