Why Swytchback

Swytchback’s mobile-first, visual and gesture-based interface engages audiences in an environment they know and trust, across all digital channels. With this solution, you get sky-high completion rates allowing you to make better decisions.

Key Benefits:

Better survey software for agile decisions and smart growth.

Lightning Fast Results

Swytchback delivers highly actionable quantitative and qualitative real-time data, allowing you to move at the speed of their consumer and react to mission critical data on a dime.  Source 1,000s of highly specific quantitative data in a matter of hours using our social platform tools.

Reach the Unreachable

Switchback’s highly visual, mobile first design and gesture-based navigation is intuitive and familiar to users of all ages, allowing Swytchback’s customers to tap audiences largely immune to surveying, including millennials, Gen X’ers, and emerging GenY’ers.

Superior Engagement

Consumers hate taking traditional online surveys, but consumers love Swytchback. Our gamified interface makes taking our Swydget™ surveys fun and easy.  Ask consumers how they like Swytchback surveys and they’ll tell you with their likes! 

Quick and Easy

You can create fully functional, drippingly gorgeous, branded or non-branded Swydget surveys in a matter of minutes, and flight them in mere minutes to social, bespoke or CRM panels.

Better Know Your Customers

Your customers and users are constantly changing. You need ongoing insights and inputs from them. With Swytchback you will connect with your customers quickly and easily. Find out what products they want, what features or services they need, what styles and designs they like, or how they want to relate to your brand – so many options at your fingertips…

Flexible Service Models

Swytchback’s authoring and data tools are simple and easy, and our data visualization and export tools make acting on insights data a snap. Need additional support? Our team is here to help on a competitive rate sheet basis.

Swydget Examples

Swytchback's Swydgets are mobile first surveys designed to be taken quickly on any device across any channel.

Swydgets: Surveys for the next generation.

Our Swydgets are visually-driven, mobile first, interactive environments that reduce take time, cognitive load, and glean more accurate and personalized data directly from consumer audiences.The platform increases take rates and regularly shows a completion rate of 90%or higher.