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Data Gathering Made Entertaining

In grade school, we used to get notes from people. “Will you be my friend?” with a box that said yes or no. Call it the most basic of data gathering back when mobile phones were new to the market.

In those days, gathering useful data, either quantitative or qualitative, was a long arduous process. Either you had to interview and screen hundreds of people for your focus groups or else you had to mail and then track thousands of physical forms. In both cases, collating the data could take months.

Fast forward to today. As of the beginning of 2019, 96% of the people in the
United States owned a mobile phone. 81% had smartphones. Those numbers were only predicted to grow each successive year.

People’s connectivity via mobile phone activity provides many interesting and varied ways to collect data. The old-school methods that were commonly used before are making way for a mobile friendly way to identify and administer surveys; surveys that are fast, targeted, and easy to use.

Swytchback’s innovative method, the Swydget, is a fresh and exciting way to use mobile phones to gather data. Once your company determines the type of data to gather, a Swydget can be developed and delivered to mobile phones within hours. Since Swydgets are sent to users’ phones, the market segments are precise based on your requirements. And Swydgets are presented in a graphic game-based format with swipes and sliding scales that invite people to engage without requiring a downloadable app. They get it and go.

Yesterday, I got a note on my phone from my friend. It said, “Pumpkin Spice Latte in June?” The two buttons beneath were Yes or No. In a single moment, I clicked a button, joining millions in this new age of data gathering.



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