Covid-19 case study:

In response to the current COVID crisis, and in particular to address the disturbing reports that young adults are not practicing social isolation, Swytchback, Inc. created and flighted a mobile info-survey that instructs on best personal COVID practices, based on CDC recommendations.

How well do you know COVID-19 (the 2019 Corona Virus)?

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COVID-19: Rapid Response

Swytchback launched the COVID-19 survey on March 20, 2020 and since then, more than 21,000 men and women between the ages of 16 to 30 years with a profile to match US census have taken the survey. The Swydget has been shared 911 times and has generated a 97% completion rate.

From March to April...

Swytchback collected initial results March 20th to 25th, 2020. Swytchback ran a second pulse survey on April 6 to look for changes in responses after an additional two weeks in the COVID crisis. Here’s what we found …

·  The percentage of overall respondents who did not know that there was no present cure for COVID-19 decreased 4 points from 27% to 23%.

·  The percentage of overall respondents who considered the COVID-19 virus “very serious” increased 12 points from 51% to 63%.

·     The number of respondents who were unaware that the virus could be spread by people who showed no symptoms decreased by 2 points from 13% to 11%.

·     The number of respondents who knew that large gatherings of people were extremely high risk for spreading the virus increased points from 84% to 89%.

·     The number of respondents who knew that social distancing and frequent hand-washing helped to prevent the spread of COVID-19 increased from 93 to 94% and from 96 to 97%, respectively.

·     The number of respondents who understood that the CDC website was a trusted source of information increased 2 points from 91 to 93%.

Here are their responses

Swytchback created and flighted the mobile info-survey in response to the current coronavirus crisis, as companies around the world do what they can to help. Swytchback leveraged its unique ability to quickly engage young people with a visually rich mobile study to address reports that young Millennials and Gen-Zers are not practicing social isolation, which can lead to severe delays in containment. The survey simultaneously assesses respondents’ knowledge and educates on best personal practices for preventing the spread of COVID-19, based on CDC recommendations.

In their own words

"Keep washing hands, disinfecting door knobs and light switches, change clothes and shower immediately from coming inside, wipe shopping carts down if needed, deliver groceries to my grandmothers door for her so she doesn’t have to go out."

"Aside from park walks, I haven't left my house in almost two weeks, and haven't been to a large gathering since before the beginning of March. Staying inside entirely except for walks in the park for the foreseeable future."

"Social distancing and online school. Practice hygienic practices triple times than you would do regularly."

"Wash hands frequently, social distancing, hand sanitizer, and avoid people with weak immune systems or old people."

"I will wash my hands day and night everyday and will distance my self so I could save a loved one."

"I’m self quarantining even though i have no symptoms. My husband and I both work with the public, so it’s important to quarantine When possible even though we show no symptoms."

"I am careful to wash my hands very often and I am staying at home for at least the next two weeks in quarantine with my parents."

"Avoid touching my face, clean the surfaces of my environment daily, frequently wash my hands, social distance, close toilet lid before flushing, reminder people to get adequate sleep and eat more protein and lipids."

"I’ll stay home or in my car as much as possible, only going outside with my family for walks/ playing in our own yard. If and when I have to go to the store or to pick up medication or food, I’ll wash my hands before and after I do so. If I have any symptoms, I will stay home and call my doctor for further instruction. I will also FaceTime for doctor appointments and hanging out with friends instead of in person visits."

"I plan on social distancing and staying on quarantine, and washing my hands whenever I touch anything, I also plan on staying updated on anything and everything when in comes to covid-19"

"My small business is sanitizing after every customer, we have limited the amount of people allowed in the waiting area at one time and we wash our hands after every customer and use hand sanitizer in between."

"Stay at home. Go outside if needed. Wash hands properly & be patient."

“Pls let the corona virus go away I’m scared of it an I don’t wanna catch it love you ppl an if the ppl who got it I hope you be all right …”

"Making sure we only go out only if absolutely necessary and making sure we are sanitizing everything we can."

"I will continuously practice social distancing. If I’m missing a loved one I will simply call them ."

“Only be physically with my family that I live with and only communicate by phone or text to other family members. Also clean the house more often and make freshly squeezed lemonade everyday.“

“Scared as f***”

"Something has to be done to show people how severe this virus actually is because those unaffected don't see the severity."

"1.Instead of going to see your loved one give them a call instead or facetime them.  2.Do not panic.  3.Wash hand properly and frequently and try not to touch face."

"I will call my grandmothers instead of visiting. I will continue to keep EVERYTHING clean to keep my husband safe."

"I’ve avoided visiting my grandparents because I don’t want to risk spreading this virus to them. If they needed it, I would also pick up their groceries and anything they needed so they didn’t have to leave the house. "

"Currently working in a hospital setting. Frequently washing my hands and using hand sanitizer, masking up, only touching patients when necessary. When not at work, isolating at home, 0 social gatherings, only going outside of my home when necessary. Also, receiving daily updates from CDC website and sharing this knowledge with others as much as possible. Not just protecting myself and loved ones, protecting others’ loved ones from this virus is JUST AS IMPORTANT"

“I don’t know”

"I am self quarantined/isolated as I am staying with, cooking and caring for my 91 yr old grandmother."

“Don’t worry about it”

"I have been and will continue to work from home. I have only gone out for groceries and practiced the safe distancing, hand washing, and not touching face during that time. I have not spent time with my dad in person as he is immunocompromised. I have gotten him anything he may need by dropping it off to ensure he doesn’t need to go out."

"I'm currently living with my grandmother, in a housing unit set up that is for elderly people. Anytime I go out I was my hands, and when I get home I wash my hands. I try to stay at least five feet away from people. I'm currently only leaving the house for groceries shopping, and appointments. When I'm at the store, I grab the wipes up front. I wipe down the cart, or basket I'm using. I carry extras of the wipes up front. When I grab items off the shelves I have been using the disinfectant wipes to wipe down the surface that I'm touching. When I'm done with my store trip, I head to the bathroom, and wash my hands as well. I'm asthmatic, and also at risk, so I've been trying to keep my loved ones and myself safe and healthy."

“I will dance and let the wiggles out”

“I genuinely believe that we as a species have removed too much selective pressure and this or any new virus is simply a new source of pressure that should be allowed to do its job”

“Nothing because I don’t believe coronavirus is real serious”

And what they said most often …

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